Looking back at the GD for AEC Residency; looking forward to the DBEI Hackathon

The Toronto team has posted a nice video looking back at July’s Generative Design for AEC Residency:

It was clearly an interesting event – I do hope I’ll get to attend the next one.

Here’s a still I extracted that shows Sol Amour, Dynamo’s Product Manager, hacking away at Python inside Dynamo. The Python node is big enough to be clearly visible on the video (the code itself is not, but I’m sure it’s about to do something cool).

Sol doing Python at the Residency

I’m starting to think about next Wednesday’s DBEI Hackathon, which has the theme “Generative Design in Practice” and so I’m also expecting will have quite a lot of focus on Refinery. The one-day Hackathon is preceding BiLT Europe in Edinburgh, where I’ll also be helping out with Matt Jezyk’s Lab session entitled “How to Train Your Model with Project Refinery”. It’ll be fun to see Matt, as well as to hang out with Zach Kron and people interested in GD and Dynamo during the Hackathon… it’ll be interesting to see what can…

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