First off a shot of our Revit model of Notre Dame, as a VR experience at BiLT EU (Edinburgh)  Sadly none of us could be there, but it was good to send our baby along instead.  Thanks to Cameron for the pic.

I’m preparing for my AU session. I wanted a better image for the slide about maintenance access routes. So I decided to insert a representation of the spiral stairs. If you look carefully, the stairs don’t arrive at the right place for the doors. Actually some of those doors are in the wrong place, anyway. We are still figuring it out. Which means, model something. Take a look at it. Ask interesting questions. Come back a few weeks later and have another go. Rough sketching with BIM.

Q) When is an elephant not an elephant?  

A) when it’s a grotesque.

This weekend I added the first grotesque to the BIM360 model, essentially a collaboration between Ryan and Francois. Actually I added it a couple of times. When we have more variations on the grotesque theme I will dot them around…

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