AU2019 Lego prep

A couple of months ago I created a Lego scene with the Autodesk Lego figures I got at #AU2018 and posted it on my Twitter feed. Every week since than I’ve post a Lego AU picture. Some of these pictures I used Autodesk’s Sketchbook to do some photo editing, adding backgrounds and some text to the pictures

September 1
Lego guys remembering the AU stage

September 12
Lego guys sharpening there saber skills instead of Dynamo

September 17
Autodesk Lego guys standing near Las Vegas

September 19
AU Logo with Autodesk Lego guys standing between Las Vegas and San Francisco

September 22
Rebels and Imperials getting ready to leave for AU

September 29
Missing the train

October 8 -Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

October 14
Hitting the road for AU

October 20
Hitting the range

October 21

October 28
Hogwarts express leaving for AU

October 29
Harley Quin riding with the Potters to AU

November 3
First timer getting ready to get on the plane to AU

November 4
Veteran clarify which plane they are taking

November 10
Packing to go to AU

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