BIM 360 Doc – Giving It a Home

We have been hosting many new projects on BIM 360 Doc these days. It’s not a new concept of collaborating our work with our extended teams over the cloud platform anymore. I still come across with a handful of consultants that have not used BIM360 yet.

While providing an on-boarding process to get them up to speed, I would put a placeholder Revit file to where their own discipline folder resides. This way, it gives them some physical location to know where they should initiate their Revit model to. Since we are using the Team feature and restrict access for each consultant, this small step often helps the extended team.

To set this up, I still need to initiate each placeholder model one at a time.

Once this is done, it will show up from the open window dialog box.

I have a stack of these models ready to be used
To keep this file manageable, I use a blank Revit file and only model these “3D texts” so the initiation time to the cloud takes only seconds. 
Well, don’t forget to delete these…

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