Counting down the days to AU2019

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my material for Autodesk University 2019. To encourage a few last-minute sign-ups, here are a few teaser GIFs from my classes.

The first is from the class on Project Rediscover (which is apparently now full at 109 sign-ups, so in quite a small room). I used Capturefinery to create a GIF of quite a large Refinery study, but this time highlighting the congestion in a more 3D context.

Showing congestion

The second is from the class on Project Dasher – and using Forge for advanced data visualization – which still has 36 spaces in the 190-capacity room. This one is showing how we’ve used a reference bitmap to track mouse movement over sensors in the model, something we’ll discuss in the class.

Sensor hovering reference image

At this stage my last big task is to practice my AU Theater Talk to make sure it fits into the scheduled 12-minute slot. Misquoting Marc Twain, “I didn’t have time to create a short presentation, so I created a long one instead.” I have to fix that.


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