Digital Construction Superintendent

Just having some thoughts as a technologist and designer. Wouldn’t it be awesome and save costs due to errors if we had a Digital Superintendent in a design product, like spell check but construct check? Imagine designing a tall cantilevered structure and then your screen goes dim and a talking hammer comes onscreen and says:

Digital Construction Superintendent by Autodesker Damian Willcox “Hey there pal, at that height I need a helicopter for each of my workers to install that structure, or you need to design another lower height structure. Please  consider how I will construct it when designing – thanks pal”.

I remember a shop superintendent back in my design days schooling me on fabrication sequencing of large steel assembles and how they would weld or apply coatings sufficiently.I learned a great deal from that school of tough knocks, and nearly got hit with a wrench once. I personally think it would be great to have some artificial intelligence providing heads up feedback from data gathered from all your construction projects…

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