Innovation Stations Open at OMSI

OMSI Entrance

On Friday evening I attended the grand opening at the OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) for the new Center for Innovation – Innovation Station exhibit in the turbine hall. OMSI’s Center for Innovation is using our community’s creativity and design thinking to solve global problems.  And its fun!

Tinkercad was also released for a new group of kids and adult visitors of OMSI on Friday as part of the new Center for Innovation exhibit. Children and adults alike can use custom content to create a hangout space to foster empathy and communication. This is one part in the flow of design challenges targeted at creating healthier community that together will thrive in the face of real world problems such as earthquake preparedness.

OMSI Makes STEAM Learning Accessible and Fun

OMSI wrapping up big redesign with new exhibit opening Friday

Here you see community partners speaking about this grand opening including Autodesk Vice President, Business Strategy and Marketing (Design and…

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