Parametric Monkey 2019 update | parametricmonkey

in March last year I launched Parametric Monkey as a digital design consultancy
to help AEC businesses across the globe to not just do things better, but to do better things. Since then, we’ve received overwhelming support from the industry,
which has only strengthened our resolve that digital design tools play a vital
role in improving the way buildings are designed, built
and operated.

What has become
crystal clear to us, is that an industry-wide cognitive shift is underway.
Companies are no longer satisfied with simple operational efficiency gains but
are wanting to push the limits of digital design tools. We’ve been amazed, and
at times overwhelmed, by the ambitiousness of our clients who have pushed us
further into the rabbit hole of what technology, coupled with strategy,
cultural change and skills development, can achieve. Whether this has been
initiated though increased awareness or aggressive marketing from Autodesk is
unknown, but the desire to engage…

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