Project Rediscover – version 2 of the MaRS graph is now available for download

In advance of next week’s AU2019 class entitled “Hands-on with Project Rediscover: generatively designing Autodesk Toronto’s office”, I’m happy to announce that version 2 of the MaRS graph is now available for download.

v2 of the MaRS graph

(Many thanks to Simon Breslav for all his work on the graph, as well as to both Simon and Rhys Goldstein for their hard work making Space Analysis what it is: a cornerstone of Project Rediscover.)

While version 1 was about “getting something out there that works”, the focus for version 2 was to have something that’s more discoverable and understandable.

We’ve done a few things to make the graph more understandable. Firstly, we’ve added notes to all the major node categories to provide a high-level description of their role in the overall process.

Secondly, we’ve given the ability to decouple the geometry system from the metrics calculations. Freezing this one node will stop all the downstream nodes from evaluating, allowing you to explore how…

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