Revit 2020.2 Travel Paths

One of the new features that Revit 2020 has been Travel Paths. There are probably many uses for this new feature, but for me it will be used for egress code analysis. In the past I have used about three different hacks to get the egress lengths. I’ve uesed several generic components and added up the lengths, I’ve used an adaptive component to get the egress lengths, but what I had used the most a Revit railing system I specially made for calculating the egress lengths. Now with this new travel paths feature I no longer need to use any of these hacks.

I’ve started one project in 2020 and have begun to use and understand the new feature. I will say it works pretty good, but I can tell it is a first generation, and still needs a lot of work. The Travel Path function automatically calculates the shortest route between two points. This is great, right well, no. I need a little more control of where the points go. So to control how the path goes I’ve had to create some fake objects to get…
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