Revit 2020 splash page

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, for the last year or so I’ve been on projects that were using Revit 2018 and there wasn’t anything new I felt I needed to share with the world. Recently I’ve gotten a project where I’ve had the opportunity to work in the latest Revit(2020) and I have to say the very first thing the splash page I am really happy with. It is not the design of the splash page but how it actually works.

99% of the projects I work on have worksharing enabled, and because of this the splash page to quickly get to the project you’ve recently worked on was practically worthless. The reason why it was worthless was because if you double clicked on one of this project shown on the splash page it would open the central file of the project, and you almost never want to be working in the central  file that cause all kinds of problems when multiple people are working on the project. Best practice was to open the Revit then browser your network to find the central file…
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