Wrapping up Autodesk University 2019

Wednesday and Thursday were my busy days at this year’s Autodesk University in Las Vegas. After a breakfast meeting with a colleague from Toronto, I had my first class of AU2019 to deliver.

All you need is love

It was a live-streamed class that was focused on advanced visualization (primarily of IoT data) using the Forge viewer. Somewhat unfortunately the class was scheduled at the same time as the AEC mainstage (more on this later), but that basically just meant that the room wasn’t completely full and that most of the attendees were Forge-focused.

The Dasher livestream class

From the backFrom the front

Some kind of gesture

As it was live-streamed the class recording is already available:

Since returning I’ve had the chance to go back and watch the AEC mainstage. It was really well done, this year. Not only that, but Dasher 360 was featured prominently (even if it had it’s “brand” blanked out).

As I wasn’t there to take photos, here are some screenshots from the recorded live-stream. Nicolas Mangon kicked things off and was the one to focus on “digital…

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