3ds Max 2020.3 and Public Roadmap

if you are a current subscriber to 3ds Max check your updates and install them.

“3ds Max 2020.3 is focused on providing you with more predictive tools that perform the way you expect. With 2020 through 2020.2, we brought you extensive updates to chamfer workflows. In 2020.3, we’re adding many of those improvements to EditablePoly objects. Our ATF (Autodesk Translation Framework) updates include Sketchup improvements so you can bring in content with even higher fidelity along with newer JT formats supported. You can now also view Arnold lights directly in the viewport.”

While installing, have a read at what the max team are planning for the future on the product roadmap.

Beyond 2020.3 – 3ds Max Public Roadmap

The 3ds Max product team is excited to continue posting updates to our public roadmap. The goal is to further engage with the 3ds Max community and to share direction for the product. The…

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