AU 2019. 02

How do I explain that AU exceeded my expectations? To be honest I had some misgivings. Vegas is a strange place and huge gatherings of people don’t excite me. Plus… I am suspicious of technology hype/worship, which is inevitably part of such events. But for me AU2019 was an overwhelmingly positive experience, partly because of things I learned/sessions I attended, but mostly for the interactions with people: old friendships reinforced, new friendships begun.

Day 2 began with rain, which made the short walk from my hotel more interesting. On my phone, some messages to remind me that my presentation had made an impact. 

I attended the AEC keynote. Tantalising to see an animation from the new point cloud that Autodesk helped to organise for the French Government. I doubt that we have any chance of gaining access to this, but still live in hope that we may get our hands on the scan done by Andrew Tallon … one day.  It would be useful to cross-check and adjust our setting out. …

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