Let’s start with a pretty picture that represents the model as it is right now.  Then we will recap over the past 3 or 4 weeks, back in Dubai.  It’s taken a little while because I went straight down with flu after the 24-hour, triple-flight back to the desert.  Also had to fit in AU Middle East which meant cutting my talk down from 1 hour to 20 minutes.  But in between all that the model has also progressed.

We upgraded to the latest version of Revit 2020, so the new “internal origin” icon pops up in all the views. (eye roll).  Meanwhile Francois now has access to the BIM360 hub so I arrived back to find he had updated several window families.   Also Alfredo had added one by Marc Zappia to the transept gable.  Looking forward to more work in that area Marc.

I started looking at the ZigZag vaults.  I am assuming that Alfredo will come back to these eventually and do a better version, but for the moment I just want to do a roughing out that captures how they grow…

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