BIM Case Study: Circuit of the Americas Observation Tower

In the modern construction industry, the usage of BIM software has become invaluable. Without Building Information Modeling the industry today will be nowhere to meet the demands and challenges of the 21st-century construction projects. By reviewing real-life scenarios of BIM usage, we can identify and analyze how exactly experts are using the applications to support building development and project management.

The very first racing track solely built for Formula One racing in the USA, the Circuit of the Americas is 3.5 miles long and respectively wide. This grade 1 FIA-specification prestigious motor racing track hosts both car races and motorbike races and has already hosted some of the prestigious motor races in the world. For today’s BIM case study, let us see how BIM software was used in the construction of the observation tower for these tracks.

Project Requirement

The Circuit of the Americas (CotA) race track is 3.426 miles (or 5.514 kilometers) long, with a width…

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