Geometry Systems and the Refinery Primer

I mentioned last time that I was expecting to publish some posts about Autodesk University 2019 material I found particularly compelling (now that I’ve had the chance to consume some). I didn’t get to watch as many recordings as I’d have liked – for now – but I did manage to watch the rest of a class of which I only caught the first few minutes before having to run to another meeting in Las Vegas, my friend Lorenzo Villaggi’s session on Geometry Systems.

Lorenzo in action

There are two main pieces to generative design systems – at least in the way they’re implemented using Dynamo and Refinery. One big part of the process, which arguably should happen first, even though the implementation depends heavily on what proves technically feasible, is to establish the high level goals for the system (e.g. cost, weight, variety, daylight, speed, efficiency, strength, etc.). These goals translate directly into metrics in the graph – or “outputs” in Dynamo-speak – as part of the…

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