My AU 2019 classes – Through the Interface

The Autodesk University elves have been working day and night over the last few weeks to prepare 674 AU class recordings for posting to web. Some of my classes were livestreamed, this year, so I have already posted recordings for these. This post is just me gathering the various recordings together in a single post.

Before that, though, I did promise a festive photo for each of the coming posts. Here’s one I took this morning, when we woke to find that St Nicholas had passed by the house.

St Nick has visited

The feast of St Nicholas – which is celebrated throughout much of central Europe – is on December 5th evening/December 6th morning: kids typically leave their shoes by the chimney on the evening of December 5th and hopefully awake to find St Nick has placed nuts and tangerines inside them. It’s the basis for Santa visiting on Christmas eve, of course, but is much less commercial – it’s not about gift-giving, at all.

Anyway, it was very nice surprise that St Nick had been by and left…

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