Fresh from my first adventure in Pumpkinland, I was full of confidence about what I could do with the Conceptual Massing tools (aka Point World)  I looked back over Zach’s own work in this field, and stumbled on a helix family.  What could I do with this?  This was before the component version of the stair tool had been released. I decided to make a parametric spiral stair.  It uses the divided surface feature plus a bit of jiggery pokery to keep the nested tread family horizontal.  I never would have enough self-belief to see this through if I hadn’t received that seal of approval from Zach. It’s a family that has had a little practical use, but not a lot.  Mostly it was another step along my journey of exploration.

But wait… maybe it would be useful for the Notre Dame spiral stairs.  There is some value in a free-standing family that is not wholly defined by two reference levels.  Something that you can…

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