The Autodesk Group Network Find Your Group

There are currently 70+ groups around the World and growing of thousands of Autodesk product and technology users just like you. Go have a look and find your group or enter your existing group (add a group) to the growing list.

Local groups are an invaluable resource and network as I remember running the Portland Autodesk Users Group years and years ago and many awesome local people looking to share ways of using the software and back then it was also sharing block libraries and telling each other what pen plotter was the most useful and coolest to watch.

Go kick the tires, make friends, and learn tips and tricks. Autodesk Group Network

Shout outs to all the great groups of awesome Autodesk product users around the world. Shout outs to AUGI, pdxRUG, SFCDI, Seattle Dynamo User Group, and 3ds Max Russia.

The Autodesk Group Network


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