2020 Is Here, Time for Some Changes – Part 2 the IMAGINiT Years – The BIMsider

I believe the saying goes all good things must come to an end, and on January 17th, 2020 that is exactly what happened.

Last week was my first week as the Technical Solutions Lead at BIM Track. As with most first weeks, it was a whirlwind of learning new systems, workflows and meeting new people. I am excited about this new role and was humbled by all the social media love on Twitter and Linkedin after the announcement of my joining BIM Track.

However, this post is not about my new role, but instead about my time at IMAGINiT. It was August 2012 when I started at IMAGINiT, and back then I had no idea what I would learn or how much that nearly 8-year long run would change my career.

The first thing I will say I worked with so many great people during my time at IMAGINiT, I truly made some friendships that will last a lifetime! IMAGINiT was also where I spoke for the first time as an AECO professional, and I had no idea how much it would terrify me while becoming one of my…

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