AEC Hackathon 7.0 Copenhagen

One of my favorite events filled with innovative thinking and ideas combined with collaborative fun and technology are the AEC Hackathons held around the world. The next big AEC Hackathon is being held next month in one of my favorite cities in the world, Copenhagen Denmark.

AEC Hackathon 7.0 Copenhagen]

Feb 21 2020 18:00 – Feb 23 2020 20:00

In a nutshell, the hackathon starts with a group of people from industry, academia, tech, architects, and programmers that for the most part don’t know each other. Some bring their ideas and vision for a killer app, automation, or service then in a lightning round pitch that idea. many ideas utilize AEC technologies like Dynamo, the cloud like AWS or Forge, or AR/VR.  Those that agree with a pitched idea can form a team with the person to plan and develop something in the two days. At the end of the event there are presentation of the solutions and judging for the winning solution. I have over simplified an AEC Hackathon but I can’t emphasize how fun and inspiring these…

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