Levels By Scope Box Hidden in Section Elevation

Lost your Levels in Revit?

Here is some weird Revit behaviour that you may need to know about Scope Boxes and Level/Grid visibility – to help you find invisible Levels:

Example: Multistorey Building with podium and  two towers 

A common situation in Revit occurs when you have two sets of levels, that do not align – perhaps you have a building with two towers that have different floor to floor heights.

NB. In this example:

  • All levels are displayed with 3D extents (so it ignores the effects of 2D view cropping of levels). 
  • Same behaviour applies to grids as levels, but only levels are shown here.

Level Visibility

  • From one direction the levels look good in elevation or section
South Elevation – Levels
  •  Looking from the side, the levels might overlap each other (depending on the view extents) – a mess where you can see both sets of tower levels mixed together.
Side Elevation – all levels visible
  • To make the side elevations and cross-sections look better, you need to adjust the view…

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