Picking up on my previous post where I commented on a model shown of French TV, I am prompted to wonder how many independent teams have be asked to make a model, by whom and for what purposes?  Clearly there is great public interest in the Notre Dame story, and 3d animations are stock in trade for the media these days.

An article in the NY Times popped up in my LinkedIn feed which features yet another model (I don’t think it’s the same one)  I would hazard a guess that any number of media studios would be willing to knock up a quick animated model of Notre Dame without needing to think too deeply about the spatial configuration or the technicalities of construction.  If the aim is simply to highlight the location of various events, there is no need to take a BIM approach or to puzzle your way through the finer details of its complex geometry.   So well done to all concerned: a fascinating story, well presented.

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