Revit: New Ceiling Grid Pattern, Part 3 – Ceiling Type

First article in the series.
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In Parts 1 and 2, we created a Fill Pattern to define a grid pattern for an acoustic tile Ceiling, and then set up a Material that uses that Fill Pattern as a Surface Pattern. We will now assign that Material to the finish layer of a Compound Ceiling type.

  1. In the Project Browser, expand the Families node.
  2. Under the Families node, expand the Ceilings node. Then expand the Compound Ceiling node under that.
  3. Right click on the 2’ x 2’ ACT Compound Ceiling family type. Choose Duplicate from the context menu. If your project file does not have that type, choose another type used to show a grid-based acoustic tile ceiling.
  4. Give the duplicated type a meaningful name. I chose to call the example type 4-24x24_1-48×6 ACT System.
  5. Open a Ceiling Plan view that has an area to receive the new Ceiling Type. If the area does not already have a Ceiling, place one….

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