Revizto Release Notes – Features Released in each Revizto Update

This page will be updated to show as much detail as possible on all new features and improvements released in each Revizto update.

Features Released in each Revizto Update

Release 4.13

Build 53385, Version Number, Date 2019-12-31

Major Features (link):

  • Ability to mark up attached image & 360 photo
  • Spell Checker for Windows/Mac
  • Support of Bentley Microstation (Alpha version)
  • Ability to mark up photos on iPad
  • Improved Markup Editor

Release 4.12

Build 53051, Version Number, Date 2019-12-10

Major Features (link):

  • Sheet Compare
    • Compare different sheets and versions in real-time
    • Create and track issues on Compare View
    • View markups on original sheet version for each issue; compare with current sheet version
    • Visually align sheets for comparison if needed
    • Additional Features & Enhancements

Other Features:

  • Halftone mode for 2D sheets
  • New filters for issues including: Deadline, Closing Date, Date of Creation
  • Ability to sort issues by title
  • Improved drag…

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