This will be my (last post of 2019) first post of 2020

An image of me on stage at Autodesk University Middle East.  That was a great event.  Those who have shown an interest in taking part in Project Notre Dame, please be patient, we haven’t forgotten you.

I uploaded my presentation so that should be coming up on the Autodesk site before too long.  In the meantime you can download a precis of my talk at the link below.

And here’s the video

Over xmas, I put a bit of work in on the chancel.  The raised floors and steps were roughed out very rapidly for AU Las Vegas, so I went back and adjusted levels.  Also looked a bit more carefully at where the various sculptural elements are placed.  We need a couple of kneeling kings and a Pieta (mesh objects) to make this more convincing, but it’s improving steadily.  Ryan is taking a look at the choir…

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