Visiting NEST with Kingspan – Through the Interface

On Wednesday I was back at the NEST building on Empa’s Dubendorf campus.

NEST improvements

I was there to meet Brian Glancy – visiting from Kingspan in Ireland – and Reto Largo from NEST. NEST and Kingspan are two of the main ongoing pilots of Dasher, so it was great to get everyone in the same place to discuss possibilities.

NEST reception

Reto started the tour in the media room in NEST, with it’s 16-screen media wall. This photo is slightly meta: if you look closely you can see the media room – with its large screen – on the 1st floor.

Reto introducing NEST

After this we headed to the Urban Mining and Recycling unit. Which is all about circularity of building materials, as you might guess.

Urban mining and recycling

After this we headed through the fitness area to see the saunas, which are fully powered by renewable energy.

The saunas dangling over the fitness area

Looking out past the saunas

There are so many interesting details in the NEST building. I try to capture a few more in each visit.



A highlight is always the DFAB House, which was really constructed using state of the art digital fabrication techniques. (i.e….

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