Visually clustering the content of models in the Forge viewer

Some of you may already have seen Augusto’s tweet showing the “Visual Clusters” Forge viewer extension that has been developed by the BIM 360 Design team.

It really is super-cool: the extension takes the content of the model loaded in the Forge viewer and clusters it spatially based on the value of the various items’ category property. The extension was first published in v7.6 of the Forge viewer, so it’s been around a little while. If you don’t have a Forge viewer application to test it out with, fear not! Petr Broz has added the capability to load extensions into his awesome Visual Code extension that hosts the Forge viewer. That seems to be an easy way to test out the extension’s capabilities with your own derivatives. There really isn’t any code needed beyond loading the “Autodesk.VisualClusters” extension in your custom viewer session: this leads to the extension’s button being added to the standard toolbar next to the Explode button.

Anyway, I figured…

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