There are certain categories of Revit family which troubled me from day one.  The out-of-the-box content was useless, and making your own families for those categories was quite challenging.  One issue was to do with “organic shapes” (sanitary ware, certain types of furniture, etc.)  Doors present a different challenge. 

This post from May 2012 looks at some of the options available, and in particular the “Door Factory” plugin that was developed in New Zealand. (Something that many people feel should be built in to the installed version of Revit).  Ultimately I have developed my own system for generating a wide variety of door families in a systematic and predictable way.  This has been operating successfully at GAJ, where I work for several years now and has proved to be quite adaptable.  Will there ever be a universal, shared approach to creating door families in Revit? 


Next comes a post about those…

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