More data from the NEST building now available in Project Dasher

I’ve been heads-down this week on a couple of tasks related to Dasher: the first relates to working on the integration of a new timeline control. I’m hoping this will be ready for people to try in the coming weeks, but we’re not quite there yet.

The second relates to bringing more data into our time-series back-end from the NEST building: I noticed last week that we were missing data from October of last year onwards. It turns out we had a credentials problem – we have a “conduit” that regularly federates the NEST data into our back-end, but it was no longer being given access. Once we fixed the credentials, I decided to pull across not only the last few months of data, but the data going back to the beginning of 2019. Head on over to the “Demo” link on Dasher 360 (which we’re increasingly referring to as Project Dasher, to emphasise the fact it’s ongoing research).

One basically unknown feature (that has been there for ages, although if you don’t know about…

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