First a seductive shot of the east end with Ryan’s choir stalls in place.

Maybe I should start to invent new words.  Human beings have a remarkable capacity to combine unrelated ideas and imbue the result with fresh meaning.  This is the basis of metaphor which is absolutely fundamental to language.  Time “runs out” because we have bodies that jogged across the African savannah for thousands of generations.  Abstract concepts evolve from physical interactions.  Language is “outside my sphere” of expertise, but I do find it “fascinating”.  Interestingly, spell-check offers this as a correction to my invented word and adds the synonym “captivating”.

This weekend I will be “taskinating” for Project Notre Dame, “capturing” tasks and connecting them to relevant reference images.  We have a couple of new recruits who have yet to discover their niche within our endeavours.  (my mind conjures an image of drawing back a curtain covering a gothic recess). So…

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