Visiting post-Brexit, pre-AU London – Through the Interface

After a couple of interesting days in Berlin, last week – which for now I’m not going to talk about in detail, maybe another time – I’ve come across to the UK. This is my first trip since the UK formally left the EU, even if it’s still part of the customs union for the remainder of the year. I feel very strongly that this is a bad thing for the country – and for the world – but there you go. There’s nothing to be gained by dwelling on it.

View over the Thames when landing at Heathrow

Yesterday morning I headed to Battersea to visit the offices of Foster + Partners, where I had the great pleasure of meeting members of the BIM and Applied Research and Development teams. It was my first time to their offices, and a really fantastic opportunity to connect with a group of such smart and enthusiastic people. Many thanks to Lola Carbajal Moro for organising the visit, and to Han, Francis, Adam, Decio, Paul, Boleslaw and Antonio for making the time to meet with me!

On the bus, heading across Battersea bridge

After this I headed back across the water to Aldgate…

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