A significant update to Dasher is on the way

For the last week or so I’ve been busy making sure Dasher works well with multiple themes. You can see the progress across these posts.

I’m not quite ready for a full unveiling, but it should go live at some point in the next week, give or take. In the meantime, here are some screenshots of the main page (you’ll be able to select the theme either as you enter Dasher via the front page or from within the application’s settings UI, which is integrated into the Forge viewer’s).

Dasher blue Pier 9

Dasher gray factory

Dasher dark gray floor

Dasher light gray robot

One of the big-ticket items in this coming release will be the new timeline: we’ll be really interested in usability feedback on this new component, in particular. We’ve worked hard to build something that’s a lot more powerful and flexible than our current implementation, and in time may well be used elsehwhere, too. But more on all that in an upcoming post.

(A reminder: Project Dasher is an ongoing research project, so this is not a full commercial release. You’ll be able to try the public…

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