ACA: Sheet Keynote Symbols

The out-of-the-box Sheet Keynote symbol in the US Imperial content features a hexagonal “tag” (not a Schedule Tag, but a Block-type Multileader that has a User Block assigned to it).

If your office standard is to use a differently shaped symbol, for whatever reason, that can be done; just follow the instructions that follow.

  1. You will need a non-annotative block to serve as the User Block of the Multi-Leader. The block will need to have a non-annotative Attribute Definition to hold the Sheet Keynote value, along with whatever other graphics you need. The Multileader that gets inserted can be annotative, if so specified in the Multileader Style; the User Block needs to be set up such that 1″ in the Block Definition will end up plotting at the AutoCAD Architecture Annotation Plot Size when plotted for the active annotation scale assigned to the Multileader. Assuming that you want the Sheet Keynote text to plot at the Annotation Plot Size, it needs to be 1″ high. Size the…

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