ATG Is Here To Help You While Working From Home During Covid-19

Get Access to Software & Data During the Covid-19 Outbreak

With many ATG customers allowing employees to work from home, we have had a lot of inquiries about best practices on how to accommodate this. In order to ensure our customers have minimal disruptions in their business, below are the suggestions and ways ATG will continue to provide customers with our services.

  • Hardware- If you have been given access to a company laptop, company desktop, or a home computer, make sure that you have the adequate bandwidth and internet access to meet all of your project needs. Your company’s IT department can assist you with this. Having problems with your hardware crashing and/or running extremely slow? Consider upgrading to a system that was specifically designed for AEC professionals-
  • BIM360 Design- Continue to work in a shared environment for all model and drawing sharing- the only requirement being internet access. If your company is moving to a telecommute…

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