Custom Door Creation… The “Ins & Outs”

Custom Door Creation… The “Ins & Outs”

In this blog, ATG Technical Specialist Matt Linn, AIA, LEED, AP will highlight the steps of creating custom Revit component families. This is not a linear process, as all components are unique. There are many ways to approach this task. This instructional demonstration will use a custom door as the vehicle to discuss this process, as doors tend to encompass many of the assignments involved with properly modeling and coordinating a component family. Below is a basic step by step process that was used for this examples:

Step by Step Process

1) Create new Revit family file (.rfa) from a Revit family template (.rft) of the appropriate category (doors)

  • a) Delete OOTB door frame, as these do not accurately reprsent an actual door frame
  • b) Delete parameters applied to deleted door frame

2) Modify wall opening to desired shape of door

  • a) Add reference planes for modified door opening
  • b) Add dimension parameters for modified door opening
  • c) Modify…

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