“Always” may be a bit too strong, but most of the time I find that work takes much longer than I originally expected.  Changing the grid for Notre Dame seemed a fairly straightforward exercise, but … it’s a complex model  AND  there have been several diversions along the way ( I do love a good diversion.)

One such detour has been my attempts to create a parametric dome family without resorting to Point World.  Alfredo has done some fantastic work using the power of adaptive components and hats off to him for this contribution to our project.  Along the way, he found Viollet-le-Duc’s dictionary, which contains some very interesting geometry analysis.  He uses a semi-circle for his diagonal ribs, and he seems also to fill in the spaces between ribs with vaults of a constant radius.  SO … Perhaps we can extract all those vault surfaces from hemispherical domes.  Furthermore, a rectangular bay is composed of right-angled triangles in plan.  Pythagoras had something…

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