For some reason I started watching YouTube videos of Notre Dame again.  I came across one (in French) that deals with renovation activities from six or seven years ago.  There is a great sequence that shows the casting of a set of new bells.  It also deals with improvements to the organ, including the new console which Ryan did such a good job of modelling.

I started to notice fleeting glimpses of areas that have intrigued me, so I kept hitting the pause button and taking screen shots.  There are steps where the aisles of the choir hit the curve of the apse.  It’s very difficult to get a clear view, because the flying buttresses get in the way.   I was aware of this step, but I hadn’t realized that it contained little rows of windows.  Something similar happens along the nave, but at a higher level.  That was a mystery at first until we realized that the clerestory windows had been enlarged at a later date.  Maybe the…

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