Supporting multiple visual themes in a Forge application using the Autodesk Human Interface Guidelines

I mentioned in the last post that I’ve been working on integrating a new timeline component into Dasher. By default the component supports a different visual theme than the one we’ve been using in Dasher: in order to make the look & feel consistent, I had to include Autodesk’s HIG toolkit in the Dasher project.

HIG stands for Human Interface Guidelines, and it’s Autodesk’s effort to increase visual consistency across our products (especially those that are web-based). And the best thing is, it’s open source and available for anyone to integrate in their projects via npm or yarn. And if you find it doesn’t quite meet your needs, we’re open for contributions, too.

The HIG toolkit comprises two main areas: a set of React components that adhere to our design standards and a set of visual themes that can be used to style your own components manually. You can pick and choose specific React components to use, or just pick up the theming, if that’s of more interest to…

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