Using Autodesk Software During Covid-19

Using Autodesk Software During Covid-19

As Covid-19 has many companies working remotely, customers are asking how to use Autodesk software at home. ATG Senior Technical Support Specialist, Angela helps you navigate these waters in the following post.


The Corona virus, COVID-19, has caused many companies to move their workforce to home offices on a temporary basis. We are seeing a rise in technical support cases where clients are asking how they can use their Autodesk software at home. The good news is that anyone who has a current maintenance and/or subscription plan with Autodesk has access to “home use rights”. Below we will cover the various license types and the options that are available for each.


Available for everyone:

If the home license is only needed temporarily, you can download, install and run any Autodesk software as a free trial for 30 days. All install files come with a 30 day trial period with full…

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