View References. Use them!

So even though in the BIM world we produce models, guaranteed every project that you’re currently working on you’re also contractually obliged to produce drawings.

Drawings require things like notes and symbols, legends and linestyles.. and sheet or view references.

When you have a large architectural background or piece of linear infrastructure, you need to split your plans up over multiple sheets. When this happens, it’s best practice to include a sheet reference so whoever is reading the drawing knows where to go to keep on reading.

Usually this is common sense, it’s the next sheet in the drawing set. Even when this is the case though, you still need to provide a sheet reference.

With all the data you have at your fingertips in the model, for some reason people still insist on using text notes. That’s dumb text for those playing at home.

So let’s paint a picture. You’re working on a piece of linear infrastructure, and there is now a requirement for an…

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