Second pass at the Revit -Excel-Revit workflow that I had picked up at my first Revit Technology Conference. 

This is quite a funky post really… Starts with a step-by-step “how to do it” then inserts an image that combines digital drawing with a bit of photoshop colouring.  I must have been very optimistic about the Wacom Inkling at that stage I think (August 2012) Sadly it didn’t catch on really.

Then I inserted a GIF.  Which was quite a bold move for me at the time.  I think I should try to do more GIFs really, (not to mention YouTube clips) 


The next post is more of the same really.  Seemed very exciting at the time, but my interest in clever jiggery pokery has declined I think.  Technical tricks are not an end in themselves for me.  I want to just have a tool that I get very familiar with, then focus my attention on what I want to achieve without much thought about technique.  That should be handled at a…

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