An article in the RuMoer on Space Analysis and SyDEVS

Late last week I received the news that an article co-written by Rhys Goldstein, Divyae Mittal and myself has been published in the RuMoer, TU Delft’s periodical for the building technologist. Divyae – who is wrapping up his Master’s degree at TU Delft, in spite of the CORVID-19 pandemic – reached out as his thesis project makes use of both SyDEVS – a discrete event simulation framework Rhys has written and open sourced – and the Space Analysis Dynamo package. Divyae thought it worth covering both packages and his thesis in the RuMoer, and we wholeheartedly agreed!

RuMoer article

While my name is on the article, Rhys and Divyae really did all the hard work. I proof-read it a few times and commented, but they did all the heavy lifting.

More RuMoer

Many thanks to both Rhys and Divyae – as well as to Prateek Wahi and the rest of the editorial staff – for making this happen. The RuMoer is a really interesting publication, and well worth reading when it comes out (I’ll certainly be doing my…

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