Come and try the latest Dasher now with a new timeline!

After many months of effort, we now have an updated version of Project Dasher available on (The project is still very much active research, so for now you’re able to try it out with the model of the NEST building, accessible via the Demo button on the main page.)

The major feature of this update is the new timeline, which was designed by Autodesk Research and developed by our partner CCTech. This component has been under development for over a year, so it’s really exciting to finally get it into people’s hands. Beyond that, you should really give the new visual themes a try: it’s really interesting to see Dasher in dark blue or light gray mode.

Dark gray

Light gray

Dark blue

Here’s a breakdown of the major changes in this update:

  • Forge viewer upgraded from v7.6 to v7.15
    • We had to wait for at least v7.14 because of a bug introduced in v7.7 that caused problems when isolating geometry per level
  • Upgraded shaders to WebGL 2
    • This was required for a number of our custom shaders for Forge viewer…

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