Geo-referencing Revit models | parametricmonkey

This tutorial explains how to geo-reference your Revit model based on survey or Geographical Information System (GIS) data sets. Since geometry in Revit needs to be within 10 miles or 16 kilometres of the model’s internal origin, certain workarounds are required to maintain accuracy. By following the steps outlined below, it is possible to eliminate any graphical inaccuracies whilst maintaining the coordinate system. The tutorial uses Sydney as a case study. If you are unfamiliar with coordinates systems used within Australia, please refer to this tutorial.

Project Local Coordinate System

Many frequently used CAD/BIM software have very poor GIS capabilities. This can make geo-referencing models difficult. Revit for example has a maximum distance limit from its internal origin of 10 miles or 16 kilometres before the graphical representation of elements becomes less reliable and less accurate. This limitation applies to geometry created in Revit as well as incoming…

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