Virtual Forge Accelerators coming to an office (very) near you

For two of the last three weeks I’ve been lurking in virtual Forge Accelerators: as I mentioned last time, the Forge team has pivoted to virtual events after this year’s Accelerator in Sydney was forced online due to a COVID-related office closure. (Incidentally I need to get used to the team’s new name: they recently switched from Forge Partner Development to Developer Advocacy and Support. FPD is no more, the future is DAS!)

The DAS team has since gone “all in” on these events, holding two during the month of April. The first one was codenamed Metropolis and ran during the week beginning April 6th; the second – Cloudville – ran during the week of April 20th. I presented a short session on Dasher during the first one but didn’t have the time last week, having been asked to help out with an urgent project.

I did manage to keep up-to-date with the various discussions being held on Slack, though, and thought it worth sharing my thoughts on the two events. Firstly, I…

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