AEC Collection for Civil Workflows

This blog is written by Jason Artley, LEED AP, Senior Technical Specialist at ATG. To contact Jason, call 1.800.935.4894, or email 

If you’ve been using Autodesk for a number of years, or have looked into getting new licenses recently, you’ve problem heard the term “Subscription” come up. Now sometimes that term incites confusion or unhappiness. The days of paying $X dollars to receive a disc in a well-designed colorful box are long over. That model of software purchasing died years ago. After that phase came the maintenance phase, where you can buy the software for $X dollars, but then you must pay more annually to keep it up-to-date. Others have adopted this new subscription model, Microsoft and Autodesk included, and it is fantastic.

Yes, I said fantastic. Let me explain why. The programming, engineering, support, and marketing that go into creating and maintaining software is extensive….

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