Dont worry we must have finally reached peak Kean

I have the sense that I’m seeing my face too much at the moment (admittedly I’m very attached to it… haha). All I can say, in my defence, is that over the last few weeks I’ve started to received more requests to participate in virtual activities. And I’ve mostly said yes, as it’s a reasonable alternative to travelling to meet people, given the current circumstances we’re all in.

In case you haven’t seen these various pieces of virtual content – and you’re actually interested – here’s a quick round-up of some current and future ones.

Getting Simple

When my friend Nono Martínez Alonso asked me to participate in his Getting Simple podcast, I jumped at the chance: he has recorded some amazing episodes with people I admire greatly, and so I considered it a privilege to participate in it. Nono generally likes to do these in-person, but we did some tests and found a way to make it work remotely. Here’s an animation of us in action – we used Zoom to coordinate…

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