Model Health Check, Insight to Trends, and Visualize Issues

Starting off 2020 with a bang, one project that I started working on is using Revit, BIM 360, and Power BI with dashboards to analyze Revit model issues with BIM 360 projects.

This has been an long time issue for a lot of us on knowing which models are having health issues. What do I mean by that, a big one is excessive amount of warnings in the model which can lead to all kinds of ugly issues. But lets not forget excessive amounts of worksets, design options, linked or imported CAD files, non-standard object styles, model or detail groups, and the dreaded in-place families. This just some of the items we should be keeping track of in every one of our Revit models.

Again in the past this has been virtually impossible to know, let alone see trends on when one of the project models has gone rogue and is now off the rails based on one or multiple categories that I mentioned above.

I also been working on additional tools to help visualize warnings inside Revit. In the…

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